Monday, January 5, 2009

Where has the time gone??

Today i have been working on you know just how time-consuming it can be to count all that paper?? Not to mention all the "little" packages of things that we have!! But, i'm close to being done! Only have the 12x12 cardstock left to count...yippee!!

Counting everything left me lots of time for just thinking and daydreaming...and as i was counting the paper i noticed that i have lots of stuff from my initial order! Themed stickers, sports paper, black-n-white pattern paper, ribbon, albums...i was surprised at what i was noticing! But, that's not to say that everything i have ordered has not been a hit and flown out the door. Lots of papers only had 4 or fewer sheets left...that of course made me smile...i made the right choice when ordering!!
(ordering is lots of fun, but it's hard to decide what everyone is going to like!) the question for myself is...what to do with all this stuff that is not moving??

i guess that's why they invented the CLEARANCE TABLE!!

over the next couple of days i am going to make some little signs that will be hanging next to the product that i want to move!!

i have some brand new...absolutely girl and boy paper and embellishments coming in soon!

and i really want to make room for this super cute stuff! on the look-out for some really great SALES!!

i'll let you all know when it's "officially" a sale!!

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