Friday, March 20, 2009

photo book

Yesterday i decided to try to be creative! i was in a cleaning mode the day before and found a couple outdated Making Memories catalogs...and decided to convert them over to a scrapbook! The inside is a 6-ring binder...perfect for new pages to be put in!
And of course i had to use the new baby boy matches the first scrapbook i made for little Oliver.

*love* the little embellishments on the black binder!

This is the second i converted...not quite finished with this one. i still need to add a strip or two of ribbon to the edge and also the inside pages.

lots of colour!! lots of pages cut to 7 1/2 X 8 1/2 work perfect! Can't wait to fill the pages with photos of little Oliver!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

a little scrapbook for Oliver...
using the adorable paper that i just *had* to order from Making Memories! and of course there is matching baby girl paper if you don't have a boy!!

i wanted to get a head-start on a scrapbook for the baby before he's this is what i've been working on for the past week!

more to come once he's here and i can scrap photos of him!!
hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a little baby book...

i have everything at home just waiting for me to put it together. i am planning on putting together a little baby book! i brought home some of the adorable baby boy paper and stickers and ribbons and now i just have to create the book! sometimes i can really procrastinate on projects!! but i have to get it started before our little baby comes!

so hopefully you will see photos coming soon!

i finished up my honeymoon album, or should i say "albums"...i had tons of photos that i wanted to put in the book, so i filled up three 8 1/2x 8 1/2 albums!! i will take some photos tonight and share!

Friday, January 9, 2009

change is a good thing

hello and happy friday to everyone!! yippee it's friday!! the weekend is here...

Just a little something i wanted to share with you all before the weekend...
Starting on Monday, Scrappy's is going to have a little sale!!
i have lots of paper 1/2 off and lots of little "things" were added to the 50% off table too!!

So make sure you stop in and check all that out!!

This week we've been busy trying to re-arrange the scrapbook store to make room for some greeting cards!! Brandon and i are going to buy out Zitnak's greeting cards!! We're all sad that their store is closing on main street...but we understand why they are choosing to do so.

So...the big move of all the cards is going to take place on Monday (or Tuesday...depending on weather i think!!)...and hopefully shortly after that we will be all organized with the cards! All of the cards are going to remain at only $ the only difference will be the location of the cards!!

{ undergo transformation, or a transition}

Thursday, January 8, 2009

precious little ones...

i was sooo excited when i opened this box of baby paper and embellishments!!
just take a look for yourself at how cute it all is...
all from Making Memories.

baby boy...

baby girl...

matching cardstock stickers, epoxy stickers, chipboard letters, felt pieces, ribbon...

and the most adorable little boxes of embellishments...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a neat little idea...

Thought i would share a few little projects i have been working on for the baby's room. i found this idea to decorate clipboards and hang them on the wall from flickr. Rachel from the blog "i've got bling on my sewing machine" showed off her work space here...and i fell in love with this idea. She used her clipboards to hang her favourite magazine clippings and ideas...but i wanted to decorate the baby's room with 8 clipboards hanging in 2 rows. So off to Office Max i went on a shopping day and bought 8 clipboards. (and i also visited a few scrapbook stores for a few things!! because the adorable baby paper that i ordered hadn't arrived yet...and i was anxious to get started!!) The large space left on the top of each of the clipboards are for photographs. i have plans of hanging up photos of little Oliver once he his here! i will be more apt to change out those photos than the ones i put in frames!!

i have a few more to share...but those photos are on the home computer and i'm at work more to come!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Where has the time gone??

Today i have been working on you know just how time-consuming it can be to count all that paper?? Not to mention all the "little" packages of things that we have!! But, i'm close to being done! Only have the 12x12 cardstock left to count...yippee!!

Counting everything left me lots of time for just thinking and daydreaming...and as i was counting the paper i noticed that i have lots of stuff from my initial order! Themed stickers, sports paper, black-n-white pattern paper, ribbon, albums...i was surprised at what i was noticing! But, that's not to say that everything i have ordered has not been a hit and flown out the door. Lots of papers only had 4 or fewer sheets left...that of course made me smile...i made the right choice when ordering!!
(ordering is lots of fun, but it's hard to decide what everyone is going to like!) the question for myself is...what to do with all this stuff that is not moving??

i guess that's why they invented the CLEARANCE TABLE!!

over the next couple of days i am going to make some little signs that will be hanging next to the product that i want to move!!

i have some brand new...absolutely girl and boy paper and embellishments coming in soon!

and i really want to make room for this super cute stuff! on the look-out for some really great SALES!!

i'll let you all know when it's "officially" a sale!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolution...

Happy New Year to Everyone!!

Okay, here is my new year's resolution:
Post once a week to Scrappy's Blog!
i'm going to try really really hard to keep this blog up to date! i kind of fell off the face of the earth for awhile with it...but i'm back! Life starts to get busy and it's easy to put the scrapbook store on the back burner.

Lots of new stuff is brewing so i'll keep you all up to date!

Hope your Christmas and New Years was great!!

(check back again soon...there will be more posts!!)