Thursday, December 27, 2007

the holiday scrappin' begins...

now that Christmas is over (unless you are celebrating a little late!!) i'm sure you have lots of photos of everyone gathered around the Christmas tree, opening presents, the dining room filled with lots of holiday it's the perfect time to begin putting them into an album! print off the photos, organize them, decide which ones you would like to put in an album...and then start scrappin'!
baking photos: covered...we have cute paper from flair designs with "baking" as the theme!

kiddos playing in the snow: and white "snow" paper!

opening gifts on Christmas: covered again...beautiful red and green "nostalgic" paper and cardstock stickers!

the clearance table is starting to get full...i just added lots of new stuff!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Tags...

tonight as we were scrapbooking...i decided i should finish the tags i started a long time ago! very simple...charcoal, green, and red cardstock (and they were all scrap pieces to-boot!), a black fine tipped marker, and a few cardstock stickers...viola'...there are my Christmas tags!

super simple...i think the size of the tag is 2 1/2"x 4"

if you are up for a challenge...make all your own Christmas Tags this holiday!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

in stitch'z

Another new something at the store! In Stitch'z...embroidery floss with templates to create neat little designs on scrapbook pages, cards or really any project you are working on! It will take a little more time to sew on your page, but i think it's well worth it!

The series has the embroidery floss (with two sewing needles!) and 4 different templates (well, each template comes with 4 different templates in each package!) and a paper poker and a soft mat to use the poker on! have fun using this!

the ribbon has finally arrived!!

look what has finally arrived!! all the ribbon from bazzill! 8 different, white, cream, brown, red, green, blue and pink...and each colour in 6 different styles!! i can't wait to start using some of this!! i think i am going to add a few different styles of ribbon to the Holiday Recipe Book and spruce up the black rings that hold the book together......

and also...12x6 albums and 6x12 albums from Bazzill as well! Green, Red, and Blue! The red one would make an adorable Christmas album...because we all know one cannot go through the Holiday's without taking photos...of the kids, the tree, the dog, the lights, the tipped over Christmas tree, the pie that didn't turn out, the burnt cookies.......okay lets hope a few of those don't happen...but they do make cute scrapbook pages!! enjoy the holidays!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scrap Night Schedule...

December Schedule For Scrap Nights

Dec. 4th 5-10p (Tuesday)
Dec. 12th 5-10p (Wednesday)
Dec. 14th 5-10p (Friday)
Dec. 20th 5-10p (Thursday)

**please let me know if you would like to join in on one of our Scrap Nights to make sure there is enough room!
check out our "contact info" to see how to get ahold of me!

Class Schedule!!

The Class Schedule for December is as follows...

Beginner's Class:
* Dec. 5th 4-5:30p (Wednesday)
* Dec. 13th 6-7:30p (Thursday)

{We will go over the basics of scrapbooking and how to start
and create a little project to let to try out scrappin'!}
$8.00 per person

Holiday Recipe Book (great as a gift!):
* Dec. 6th 6-8p (Thursday)
* Dec. 10th 3:30-5:30p (Monday)
* Dec. 15th 10-12p (Saturday)

{Chipboard album covered with felt and sewn with embroidery floss
title made with Cosmo Cricket Christmas cardstock stickers}
$20.00 per person

Holiday Cards (get your lists ready!!)
* Dec. 8th 2-4p (Saturday)
* Dec. 12th 3:30-5p (Wednesday)**For Kids**
* Dec. 18th 6-8p (Tuesday)

{3 cards with a modern Christmas feel}
$ 10.00 per person

**Please call ahead if you would like to attend a class as some of the classes are after normal store hours...just so i know to expect you!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Creating Day...

Today i took some time and sat down and started creating. i know i have to come up with some December class ideas...and i thought a "Holiday Recipe" book would be really neat! i love the holidays and love the idea of baking cookies and frosting them (and of course eating a few!) and sharing them with family and friends. least that is a good idea, right?? the last time i wanted to bake cookies, i mixed up the sugar cookie recipe, put it in the fridge for an "hour" and didn't find the time to get back to it for **3** days!! needless to say, i tossed the dough!!
So hopefully this coming Holiday Season everyone will be able to put a little bit of time aside to bake some yummy cookies! And of course...put your favourite recipes in an adorable little {Recipe Book}! i can't wait to go home and go through my recipe book and decide which Christmas recipes to write into this new little recipe book!
**Coming Tomorrow...a December Calendar of classes and scrap nights and beginner classes!**

a Rusty Pickle Chipboard Album with a felt cover sewn over it.
Embroidery floss in cream and green stitched along the sides!
(the embroidery floss is new at the store...from Bazzill...and comes with adorable templates!)

Cosmo Cricket's Christmas Stickers and Love*Elsie's Home Stickers
(and the new Imaginisce Corduroy Button Brads!)

i put three sections in the recipe book...appetizers, entrees, and cookies

Saturday, November 24, 2007

photos from scrap weekend...

All the 43 ladies had a great time scrapbooking!

designs by dawn...

Miss Dawn Fellows...the ringleader of the scrapbook marathon...wanted to have a challenge, so she put together a few designs using a contest packet! And this is what she came up with...

an adorable book made from the cardboard that was in the packet...she is sooo creative!
she painted buttons, sanded the polka-dot brads, cut out felt...

one of the inside pages of the book

a page layout using the Love*Elsie line

one of the "rules" to the contest was to use only the products in the packet...she did!! the flip page is actually the packaging from one of the scrapbook products!!
very creative...great job Dawn!!

and the winner's pages....

Here they are!!

1st place winner: Tammy Boie

2nd place winner: Rachel Keinietz

3rd place: Jennifer Naumann

Congrats to you three on doing a fabulous job and also to everyone who submitted an entry!!

Scrapbook Marathon

During the Scrapbook Marathon we had a contest!! Everyone that wanted to enter the contest picked up a packet that had lots of scrapbook items and they created pretty much whatever they wanted to using only the items in the bag...and here is what they came up with.

i brought all the contest entries home that Saturday night spread them out on the spare bedroom floor and "judged" them...but of course i needed help judging so i had my husband help and then called in friend Liz!!

Tami Armstrong's entries
(both of the above 2 page layouts)

Chelsie's entries

Kathy Manzke's entry

Kathy Jorgensen's entry

Susan Schuurman's entry

Miranda Lickfelt's entry

The Holidays are Here!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Now that the holidays have "officially" can start collecting stuff for those photos you took at Thanksgiving time and those you will be taking during the Christmas season!

Clear stamps...the new stamp on the block!

and who doesn't love Cosmo Cricket??

and of course you can't have clear stamps without having ink pads!!
an artistic cover of ink pads by nick bantock for Ranger Ink

Saturday, November 17, 2007

scrappy's new blog

welcome to Scrappy's new version of a blog!