Wednesday, February 27, 2008

more than a "peek"'s close enough to March, so i thought you could see it now!! Here is the little book that will be the March Kit!!
{to see all of the pages in the book go Here}

Lots of adorable papers, rub-ons, little clips, coloured ribbon...oh, so sweet!!
Included in the kit...
30 rhubarb & rum raisin buttons
24 cheeky board clips in 6 colours and 3 styles
6 different ribbons 1/2 yard each
24 "romance" brads
"Springtime" rub-ons from Cosmo Cricket
41 Kraft paper stickers
3 sheets Decorative Edge pattern paper
2 sheets pattern paper
(1 double sided and 1 double sided embossed and glittered)

**and when you are creating this book, it does not have to have "baby" photos...this paper is very versatile and almost any theme can be created!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring is coming...

Perhaps these last couple of days (weeks!) haven't left us with the feeling that spring is on its way...but it really is! And hopefully soon! Easter is arriving fast and for me that always means "spring"! So make sure you take lots of photos during Easter to add those to your scrapbook...

Here are a few new papers... "For Peeps Sake".
Gorgeous double sided and embossed with glitter!

And hope you took photos during Valentine's are a few cute "lovey-dovey" papers!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just a Peek...

This just might be the March Kit...guess you'll have to wait and see!

more coming soon...

decorative paper...

I've been waiting for a box from Making Memories...and the nice little UPS man brought the box a couple days ago!! And inside the box amongst new scrapbooks (asphalt and meadow in colour) was this adorable paper!! Take a look and see what you think...

it just might show up for the March Kit....keep a close never know!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What to do when it's COLD outside...

hmmm...well, what i would suggest to do in a nice warm house on a COLD blustery day would be to ORGANIZE all your scrapbooking stuff!! We all know how easy it can be to accumulate *tons* of cute little items and oodles and oodles of paper...and also just how easy it is for it all to "get-out-of-hand" and just keep pilling up!'s starting to look very chilly outside now is the time to get "ORGANIZED"!!

Here are a few things to help you in the process...

Adorable Ribbon bags...with tons of little "holes" in the bag to pull the ribbon through!

and...lots of these little "embellishment jars" for almost anything you can think of...
your choice!

And coming soon...Making Memories 12x12 paper storage!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Love, *Elsie

While on the Scrapbook Retreat in Bemidji...i tried out the fabric pattern paper from the
"Love, *Elsie" collection. There are actually two different fabric papers, this polka-dot one and one with little "homes" all over it. I loved the way it worked...i was able to cut through it with just my paper trimmer, the adhesive was already on the back of it, so i didn't need anymore!! Plus, it added so much "charm" to the page! (and the little embossed sticker on the top left corner is from the same collection!)

(just thought i would share!)

my favourite paper this month...

Here is my favourite paper this month...little pink mushrooms!! I found it at Memories for the Making...the scrapbook store i used to work at in Baxter...i thought it was just the most adorable i now have it here at the shoppe!!

I thought it would work for valentines day, little girl, or any funky photos you have! Try it out and see what you come up with!

Monday, February 4, 2008

{It's Started}

Here we go...the February Kit is out!! The **Birthday Bash** packet has:

.. {4} pattern papers
.. {3} 12x12 cardstocks
.. {3} 81/2x11 cardstocks
.. {3} "polka-dots" ribbon 1 yard each
.. {1} "happy birthday" rub-on package
.. {1} alphabet set
.. {1} pink felt
.. {1} doodlebug pastel buttons
.. {1} queens&co. brads (qty 40)
.. {40} mini flowers
.. {1} "kids" tab clips package

****That's a lot of 'stuff ' if you ask me!! i had fun putting it all together and making sure everything matched and coordinated! In the next few days i am going to try to make a few pages and/or cards with some of this show how fun and cute it is!! i'll post a few photos once i have finished those projects!!

Any Q.'s about the kit email me or stop in...