Thursday, December 27, 2007

the holiday scrappin' begins...

now that Christmas is over (unless you are celebrating a little late!!) i'm sure you have lots of photos of everyone gathered around the Christmas tree, opening presents, the dining room filled with lots of holiday it's the perfect time to begin putting them into an album! print off the photos, organize them, decide which ones you would like to put in an album...and then start scrappin'!
baking photos: covered...we have cute paper from flair designs with "baking" as the theme!

kiddos playing in the snow: and white "snow" paper!

opening gifts on Christmas: covered again...beautiful red and green "nostalgic" paper and cardstock stickers!

the clearance table is starting to get full...i just added lots of new stuff!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Tags...

tonight as we were scrapbooking...i decided i should finish the tags i started a long time ago! very simple...charcoal, green, and red cardstock (and they were all scrap pieces to-boot!), a black fine tipped marker, and a few cardstock stickers...viola'...there are my Christmas tags!

super simple...i think the size of the tag is 2 1/2"x 4"

if you are up for a challenge...make all your own Christmas Tags this holiday!!