Friday, November 30, 2007

the ribbon has finally arrived!!

look what has finally arrived!! all the ribbon from bazzill! 8 different, white, cream, brown, red, green, blue and pink...and each colour in 6 different styles!! i can't wait to start using some of this!! i think i am going to add a few different styles of ribbon to the Holiday Recipe Book and spruce up the black rings that hold the book together......

and also...12x6 albums and 6x12 albums from Bazzill as well! Green, Red, and Blue! The red one would make an adorable Christmas album...because we all know one cannot go through the Holiday's without taking photos...of the kids, the tree, the dog, the lights, the tipped over Christmas tree, the pie that didn't turn out, the burnt cookies.......okay lets hope a few of those don't happen...but they do make cute scrapbook pages!! enjoy the holidays!

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photogdabbler said...

WHAT????!! I must have JUST missed it!